2020-01-26 Landing Rwy4R KCHD by C-172

2020-01-26 Phoenix Skyharbor ClassB Airspace Transition West Route

2020-01-26 Crossing Over Grand Canyon North Bound

2020-01-26 Flying Over Monument Valley

2017-07-31 My First Seaplane, Practice Flight over Seattle

2017-01-31 Flying Over Meteor Crator in AZ

2003-06-22 Landing Harpacked Sand Airstrip of Arfoncinas Baja California Mexico

2003-06-13 Lading Hero Strip in Saline Valley

2003-05-31 PAR Landing Rwy36 NZY San Diego North Island Narval Air Station

2003-05-31 Landing Rwy24 EDW Edwards Airforce Base South Base

2003-02-23 Takeoff Rwy25R LAX, CA

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