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I'm an ordinary Japanese people born and grown up and living in Japan. It was my first time to fly the airplane that flying C-152 at Adison Airport in Dallas, Texas. I was on business trip and took a holiday on the weekend. I found a Flight School and hired C-152 with CFI for a fun flight. I thought it's just a scenic flight but CFI suddenly told me to take control of the airplane in the air, then I was manipurating the yoke all through the flight over downtown Dallas and Fort Worth by just befoer landing. I was surprise that flying aiplane is very easy in the US. It is very difficult for normal people in Japan.

After several years, I moved to California, US as an exatriate of a Japanese company. Right after moving to the US, I was too busy to think about flying airplane but I got a chance. I relocated from Bay Area to San Diego. The new office was located near a municipal airport just five minutes from the office to FBO. The office was under the final of runway and airplanes are passing at very low altitude over the office building. I was induced to the municipal airport, and met an instructor, then my pilot life has begun. After half nyear, I took Private Pilot License.

Just flying was happy for me at the early phase of flight training. After took license, I felt happy again when I can fly anywhare anytimne by myself. I flew every week and after I got confidence to carry passenger, I took long Cross Country flights with my family every month to famous national parks like Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone,etc. The farhest destination was New York. I made a Cost to Coast flight from San Diego to New York. Next I made cross border flight to backcountry airstrips in Baja California, Mexico.

Because long cross country flight was much affected by weather condition, I thought instrument rating was needed. So I took it. Since I made many long flights, I met requirement to take Commercial Pilot License, so I took it. Next I tried CFI but unfortunately failed. Then I had to go back to Japan without completing CFI course. After back to Japan, I fly once or twice a year.

I took many pictures and videos during my flights. I put those pictures and videos on this website to share with other General Aviation pilots. If it will be some help for the other pilots, I'm happy.



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