2018-01-29, Eagle Mountains mirroring on the cowl of C-170

2018-01-29, Stopping by a private dirt airstrip, Eagle Tail in Tonopah, AZ

2020-01-26, Flying over VFR corridor west route of KPHX, AZ

2020-01-26, crossing Grand Canyon north bound

2020-01-26, Monument Valley

2020-01-25, Fuel Station at Wickeburg Airport

2020-01-26, Fuel Truck of ChandlerAir Services in KCHD

2020-01-21, Hnger of Chandler Air Services in KCHD

2020-01-21, Pilot's briefing room in airport terminal building of KCHD

2020-01-22, Latest pilot goods like ForeFlight in iPad, STRATUS ADS-B receiver, etc.

2020-01-22, VFR Chart Wall

2020-01-29 Apron view from airport terminal hall of KCHD

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